What we do

Whether you're looking to reimagine and revitalise your existing home or build a new one

Architectural New Builds

Quality is non-negotiable for us, because a person's home is the foundation of their wellbeing, an extension of themselves, and a vessel for their family to grow and prosper in.

We work closely with our architects to make sure we understand the ideas, and the philosophy they’re putting forward on paper, so that we can deliver a perfect translation into the physical.

It is never ‘just another’ project for us, every new home we build is a significant, meaningful experience for everyone at Luxor, and a process of helping our clients tell their story and write their history -cultivating something together that will be truly monumental. The constant pursuit for perfection, the sense of accomplishment we get from solving unique engineering challenges, and the level of demand and honesty when judging our work, enables us to construct a new standard of excellence.

Remodeling / Renovations

To renovate, is an opportunity to reimagine, re-evaluate and redefine what your property can be. We have an extensive track record of transforming existing homes into entirely new living experiences.

Adding value to your home, making it more ‘you’, and enhancing the liveability are three key important outcomes we accomplish when renovating your property. Director Eddie is a keen value-engineer, and often saves customers tens of thousands, and in some cases six digit figures by finding alternative solutions that accomplish the same outcome, with better quality and less financial resources.

Value Engineering

There is no room for guesswork or careless decisions in what we do. Every aspect of a Luxor home is the result of a painstaking search to find the best, most intelligent solutions which enable maximum value, quality and safety. On a few occasions, we have designed and developed our own structural engineering solutions from the raw materials available to us - a testament to our proven ability to overcome unique challenges.

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